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Garage Door Overview
Canopy Up and Over
Canopy garage doors provide a clear unobstructed drive through width. They are particularly useful when there is not enough depth in the garage to permit the horizontal tracks of a retractable door to be fitted.
When opened approximately 1/3rd of the door protrudes outside the garage. These garage doors can be automated subject to certain criteria Read more


Retractable Up and Over
Retractable garage doors use horizontal tracks which run along the roof of the garage and when open will retract almost all the way into the garage so that very little protrudes outside the garage. These garage doors are ideally suited to be automated. Read more


Side Hinged
Side-hinged garage doors are a traditional style door that opens outwards. This type of garage door is suitable for use in garages where there are obstructions such as gas or electricity meter or pipework which would prevent another type of door being installed.
It is also a very good option for those who may be physically unable to use a door that is not automated. Read more

Roller garage doors open vertically with the door curtain wrapping around a barrel when the door is opened. Available with or without insulation and can be manual or automated. Since the doors rise vertically they are an ideal solution when drive space is limited enabling cars to be parked close to the garage doors without impeding the operation of the door.
An ideal space saving garage door. Read more

Sectional garage doors are made up of several separate horizontal panels that are hinged together. Available with or without insulation and can be manual or automated. The door opens vertically and extends backwards into the garage on horizontal tracks. They require more depth into the garage and headroom than a standard retractable door.
Read more